Video Poker Strategy

video poker strategyOne of the most popular casino games out there today is video poker, and part of the reason for its popularity is that if you play perfect video poker strategy, you will lose very little money in the long run. In other words, the house edge for video poker is much less than it is in other games, within 5% or better most of the time.

The trick, of course, is in figuring out which strategy to employ depending on the cards that you are dealt on the video display. The cards that come up on the monitor (or, if you are a purist, the screen) will determine which you want to hold and which you want to exchange. Your approach will depend on the specific strategies that have been compiled with the use of computer number crunching. For the most part these strategies have stood the test of time, so incorporate them into your angle when you are playing video poker.

Where can you find these strategies?

It’s pretty easy to find strategies that will help you to determine an angle on any variety of video poker terminal. All you have to do is type in the phrase “video poker strategy” on a search engine and you’ll probably come out with literally hundreds of different tactics.

Your job will be to approach each tactic according to the type of video display terminal you are going to play. Remember that you can print off cheat sheets to help to remind you of the strategies to incorporate when you are playing at a video poker screen. It will come in handy to have these as a reference at your casino.

For the most part, these cheat sheets will take the form of lists. The lists will have the play you need to make if you are going to play the games with a perfect system ranked according to the cards you are dealt on the monitor. Your job is to choose the play that is listed the highest, because that is the best strategy.

Strategy beyond play

You should keep in mind that strategy goes beyond your choice to hold or discard cards that appear on the VDT. You should be smart about which variation of video poker you sit down at and incorporate a careful screening as a part of your tactics. Not all video poker games have the same payouts, and you want to sit down at a machine that is as close to 100% as you can get to cut down the house edge. This information is usually displayed somewhere on the machine.

You also need to decide if you are going to incorporate numbers of credits into your strategy. Some will say that it is only good tactics to make the same bet every time, but others maintain that in order to get ahead you should start off betting low and when you cross a certain threshold of winnings, increase the credits per draw. You might also want to vary up the credits you bet in a game after winning a big hand, since you have more credits at your disposal.

Whatever method you choose and tactics you incorporate, remember that video poker is about luck as much as anything else. No amount of video poker strategy can make up for bad luck, so if you find the graphics on the VDT are always turning up against you, it is probably time to take a break. Knowing when to do so is the best angle and approach of all.

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